Rungu Massage Treatments


A Rungu (Swahili) is a wooden throwing club or baton bearing special cultural importance in certain East African tribes. It is especially associated with Masai morans (male warriors) who have traditionally used it in warfare and for hunting as a throwing club. It is also a popular souvenir among tourists.

In a Rungu massage, the Rungu is used to perform the massage with. Rungu massage is a long stroked, deep pressure massage that reduces pains and aches, improves blood circulation, lymph drainage and muscle toning and provides immediate relaxation. The shaft can be used in long stroking movements, while the balls can be used to target specific areas for instance, muscle spasms. This massage is excellent for sore, stiff or aching muscles, but it also improves your sensory nerve perception and blood circulation. It increases drainage in the lymphatic system, and contribute to a release of endorphins, promoting a deeply relaxed feeling.

At Essentiaroma, I don’t only use the Rungu sticks shown above, I also use smaller ones I had custom made. This will ensure a pleasurable experience all over!

Treatment Information

The massage starts of with the application of aromatic oils by bare hands. The rest of the massage is mostly done with different Rungu sticks.

Although the pressure is easily adjusted making the massage suitable for all, it is highly recommended for those who love hard pressure massage as the dynamics of the sticks make this very easy for the therapist to achieve.


  • Appointment Duration 45 minutes – Treatment Duration 30 minutes – Cost 375
  • Appointment Duration 60 minutes – Treatment Duration 45 minutes – Cost R500
  • Appointment Duration 120 minutes – Treament Duration 105 minutes – Cost R950