Essential Oils – what are they?

If you read the story of creation in Genesis, you will see that God created the plants before he created man. His plan was for man to live in the garden of Eden where there was no sickness, as there was no sin. Yet, God had already created the medicinal plants. He obviously knew Adam and Eve were going to disappoint Him. He knew they were going to need medicine from sickness. It was provided before it was needed. So why did He create them, knowing full well they were going to fall? He wanted to have an intimate relationship with us. How blessed are we to call Him Abba Father!

Essential Oils are natural chemical compounds, distilled from these medicinal plant matter. Not all plants have these aromatic substances though. Less than 5% of all the plant species, contain these. So far, about 17000 plants have been scientifically tested for these aromatic substances, and of these, about 2000 plants are used today, to provide about 3000 different essential oils. I use the word ‘about’ as these figures are constantly changing as new aromatic plants are tested and new oils are produced.

Aromatic oils are found in different parts of plants, including the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, wood, balsam and resin. Some plants yield more than one oil, for example: the bitter orange tree produces Orange Oil from the fruit peels, Petitgrain Oil from the leaves and twigs and Neroli Oil from the orange blossoms.

These aromatic plants and oils have been used for thousands of years as incense, perfumes, cosmetics, and for embalming, medicinal purposes and culinary applications.

These natural aromatics were of the earliest trade items of the ancient world and were mostly rare and very expensive, as they still are today. They featured in many different cultures and religions such as that of the Israelites, the Arabs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, the Indus and the Indians among others. These ancient uses have been documented extensively and these ancient writings are still consulted today.

With the scientific revolution of the early 19th century, the various constituents were identified for the first time and named with terms we still use today, such as Citronellol, Linalool, and Linalyl Acetate to name just three. Ironically, this same revolution paved the way for the modern medicine we have today. Many of our modern medicines are man-made chemical copies of the original aromatic substances. By the middle of the 20th century, essential oils were only used for perfume and no longer for medicinal purposes.

With our modern medicine comes many dangers and side effects, which are not present in the original medicine created by God. Across the world today, people are returning to our original, God-made medicine and the essential oil industry is one of the fastest growing industries of our modern world.

Many Christians are under the impression that essential oils should be avoided due to the fact that it is used extensively in other religions. We have to remember that GOD is the only Creator and HE created the oils, for HIS children. I couldn’t care less what other religions use it for; my God created it for me.  For some obscure reason, Christianity is the only religion that has lost these practices, and I cannot help but wonder why. Could it be that the enemy purposely created these lies with the sole intent to rob us? In my opinion, that is exactly what happened.