The first time I saw the ad for the Biblical Oils Massage, I immediately knew it was something that I simply had to experience. But as I live quite far from you, I decided to spoil some of my friends instead. However, every time I decided on a person, I felt God said ‘no.’ Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and drive to you all the way from Nelspruit. What I didn’t realise at the time, was that I had a divine appointment with God.

The moment you touched me, I started crying and I could feel the presence of God in the massage studio.

On 25 August 2015, I had a back operation. A small piece of bone splintered off and ended up on my right sciatic nerve. It left me with a ‘dropped foot’. That resulted in a second operation a week later, where the piece of bone was removed. It took about 18 months to recover, but I was left without feeling in my big toe and on the side of my lower leg. After the Biblical Oils Massage, life returned to my full leg and foot!

God is still revealing things to me that I have to work through. This is an amazing spiritual experience that I will highly recommend to any person. God is going to touch many people through the Biblical Oils Massages.

Elize Annandale (Nelspruit)

I cannot tell you how much your Sinus Treatment has helped me. I am breathing much better and my sinus is so much better. No horrid nasal washing on a daily basis! The inhaler is a great help; I can occasionally skip a day without a problem. I will most definitely make an appointment to see you for a new inhaler.

Laurian Britz