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Aromatic Inhalers

I am so excited to share this new range with you! The sinus inhalers have been flying out of the studio since I started making them, so it only made sense to give you more inhalers to choose from. But you are probably wondering what this is exactly and why it works…. So let’s start there….

Inhalation of aromatic substances is very effective and generally very safe. Diffusers are quite trendy at the moment, but they can be very costly and they are not portable. Nasal inhalers are a much cheaper and easier option. Inhalation is effective because of two reasons:

  • The aromatic substances are inhaled, absorbed through the respiratory tract and the lungs, and then circulated through the body by the blood stream.
  • The olfactory system, which includes all the organs and systems related to your sense of smell is directly linked to your limbic system, that part of the brain involved with feelings, emotions etc. An aromatic substance can thus influence your limbic system within seconds of inhaling it.

The inhalers I make, contains ONLY pure essential oils, nothing else. With these inhalers, you can have a mini pharmacy in your pocket and there are a whopping 10 inhalers to choose from!

Brain Support: This blend will motivate you, and help you to concentrate and maintain your focus.

Mind Support: This blend will help you cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Nose Support: This blend has proven itself already. This is the sinus inhaler I have been giving with sinusitis treatments. But there is an improvement to the blend! It will relieve that horrible stuffy nose that comes with a cold, flu, sinus or hay-fever.

Immune Support: This blend will boost your immunity and help your body deal with sickness, including viral infections. It will also help you to recover faster.

Lung Support: This blend is designed to assist with a tight congested chest and coughing.

Head Support: This blend will provide relief for any headache or migraine.

Energy Support: This blend will give you that much needed boost when you need it most. 

Sleep Support: This blend is for those restless nights when the sandman is held up somewhere. It is an absolute must when traveling.

Stomach Support: This blend will provide relief for general nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness.

Love Support: This is a gentle aphrodisiac to boost the passion and energy.

Each inhaler can easily last up to three months with daily use, as long as the cap is replaced securely after each use. All of them are safe during pregnancy as well.

Click HERE to start shopping. You can collect your products from the studio between 08h00 and 0845 from Mondays to Saturday, but only with prior arrangement. You can also purchase them in the studio when you come for your next treatment. If you are stuck at home, there is a courier option available on the website.