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These Aromatic Ointments are made by myself with only the purest of essential oils available.

No artificial preservatives are added; the beeswax acts as a natural preservative. Still, if unused and left at room temperature for an extended time, the product will eventually go stale. If unused, keep it refrigerated.

WARNING: The Circulation Ointment should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Circulation, Hands & Feet, Haemorrhoids, Healing, Skin


50g, 100g

7 reviews for Aromatic Ointment

  1. Stella Cloete (verified owner)

  2. Jessica Haasbroek (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Found immediate relief and eczema improved greatly in 3 days

  4. Sandra V. (verified owner)

    Love the smell and can already see the difference

  5. Letzie Wiese (verified owner)

    Heel beste behandeling vir hande en voete!

  6. Esmé Sampson (verified owner)

    Still in progress to see results!!

  7. Rudie Richter (verified owner)

    The results speak for it self.

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