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Special offer until the end of April…. Order 5 inhalers and receive a refill for the cheapest one free of charge.

Inhalation of aromatic substances is very effective and generally very safe. Diffusers are quite trendy at the moment, but they can be very costly and they are not portable. Nasal inhalers are a much cheaper and easier option. Inhalation is effective because of two reasons:

  • The aromatic substances are inhaled, absorbed through the respiratory tract and the lungs, and then circulated through the body by the blood stream.
  • The olfactory system, which includes all the organs and systems related to your sense of smell is directly linked to your limbic system,┬áthat part of the brain involved with feelings, emotions etc. An aromatic substance can thus influence your limbic system within seconds of inhaling it.

With these inhalers, you can have a mini pharmacy in your pocket.



  • I am not a medical practitioner and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication.
  • The inhalers are not meant to replace any medication prescribed by your doctor.
  • If in doubt, consult your doctor before using an aromatic inhaler.

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Aromatic Inhaler

Brain Support, Mind Support, Nose Support, Lung Support, Stomach Support, Energy Support, Love Support, Immune Support, Sleep Support, Head Support, Full Set in Pouch, Full Set no Pouch

25 reviews for Aromatic Inhalers

  1. Maryna 1 Burger

    Fantastic to have an inhaler always at hand!

  2. Letzie Wiese (verified owner)

    My man het Covid en sy sinusse erg geblok…na slegs 12 ure se gebruik van die Nose Inhaler is hy vanoggend stukke beter en haal soveel makliker asem.

  3. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    Toe ek my pakkie oopmaak was ek gegroet met die heerlikste aromas! Die produkte werk beslis en het my toe neus sommer gou oopgemaak. Die brain support het my dogter help onstpan en konsentreer op haar skoolwerk. Dankie vir die fantastiese produkte. Probeer gerus. Die produkte werk.

  4. Colette

    Fantastic service and the oils really works.

  5. Stella Cloete (verified owner)

  6. Jessica Haasbroek (verified owner)

  7. Laurian Britz (verified owner)

    The sinus inhailer is my go to. I have not touched sinus medication since May. I use aa directed by Hilda and it has changed my life.

  8. Sandra V. (verified owner)

    My daughter is writing matric prelim exams and the brain inhaler help her to concentrate

  9. Letzie (verified owner)

    Head Inhaler beslis ‘n groot wenner! Ek het kronies hoofpyn/migraine deels asgevolg van my Cochlear Implant, ek gebruik sedert 30 Julie die head inhaler en het nog nie weer aan ‘n pil gevat vir hoofpyn nie!!! Vir my is dit ongelooflik want ek het daagliks 2 tot 3 keer pille gedrink!!

  10. Alice (verified owner)

  11. Letzie Wiese (verified owner)

    Beste inhalers wat ek nog gebruik het!!

  12. Benice (verified owner)

    Very convenient and effective

  13. Denise Claassen (verified owner)

  14. Jessica Haasbroek (verified owner)

    My hayfever is gone! And the sleep support is amazing!! As a tired mom you can believe me!

  15. Letzie Wiese (verified owner)

    Ek is dankbaar vir die dag toe ek aan hierdie wonder middels bekend gestel is! Ek kyk nie terug nie, beste produkte!

  16. Rudie Richter (verified owner)

    A very effective alternative to prescribed medicine.

  17. Marinda Harmse (verified owner)

  18. Neo Seleka (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying these products, especially the nose inhaler, it works like a charm for my sons sinuses, the results are almost immediate

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Since I’m using the lung and nose inhaler I am using my asthma inhaler much less. I have not used an asthma tablet for 2 months now. Thank you Hilda.

  20. Isabel Du Plessis (verified owner)

  21. HD ESTERHUYSEN (verified owner)


  22. Wilna Du Toit (verified owner)

    The same client’s granddaughter suffers from ADHD and struggles to fall asleep at night. The inhaler assisted to get her to bed earlier.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Henriette van Wyk (verified owner)

    Ek het Covid en die Nose Inhaler klaar my bors baie vinnig op

  25. Lizelda Kloppers (verified owner)

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