Aromatic Hand Cream

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The Aromatic Hand Cream for dry hands will sooth, moisturise and promote healing. It is also safe to use during pregnancy.

The Aromatic Hand Cream for sore hands will soothe arthritis pain and hand fatigue. HOWEVER, THIS CREAM IS NOT SAFE DURING PREGNANCY AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED.


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Aromatic Hand Cream

Dry Hands, Sore Hands


50g, 100g

9 reviews for Aromatic Hand Cream

  1. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    I used it on my wrist that I use to have contant pain in due to injury and crocheting. Smells define but works even better. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  2. Jessica Haasbroek (verified owner)

  3. Letzie (verified owner)

    Wonderlik vir seer rematiek hande!

  4. Denise Claassen (verified owner)

  5. Lauren Ackerman (verified owner)

  6. Henriette van Wyk (verified owner)

    Help after only one application and it is not oily

  7. Wilna Du Toit (verified owner)

    This order was based on recommendation from a very happy client. She offered the product to her son who suffered from a painful knee, and within minutes he was almost painfree.

  8. Ina olivier (verified owner)

    Wonderful wonderful product!! Can really recommend it

  9. Lizelda Kloppers (verified owner)

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