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Healthier Choices

Being brutally honest, there are many aspects of our lives for which we don’t really have a choice, as horrid as that may sound. If you want to succeed in a business today, you have to engage on social media. No choice there. If you want to have a cell phone, you have to accept that a big brother somewhere will gather information on you, whether you gave consent or not. Many aspects of our health are legalized and we don’t have much say in the matter. This list can go on for a long time, but there are some good news. In certain aspects, you DO have a choice! And you have to choose wisely.

The phrase low tox living is fast becoming the new buzz, with good reason. Right across the world there is a growing awareness of the effects our modern lifestyle has on the environment. Many people are re-evaluating their lifestyle choices and consciously seek out the healthier options, not just for them but for the environment too. At the end of the day, each one of us has a responsibility. We might not be able to change the air pollution in the entire world, but we can choose how we contribute to it. Often times the global state is so overwhelming that we just want to give it up for a bad job, but that is exactly what we shouldn’t do! The more people make better choices, the better our future and the future of our planet becomes.

I have chosen to use natural remedies if at all possible, rather than allopathic medication.

I have chosen to replace my beauty products with natural DIY products that doesn’t contain harmful chemical substances.

I have chosen to replace the cleaning products in my house with natural DIY products that do not contribute the pollution in any form whatsoever.

What will you choose?

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