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Into the forest…

I love nature, forests especially. Where I live, there are no forests. Bushveld yes, but it isn’t the same. I long for those long walks underneath old and tall trees, the soft leaves becoming compost under my feet, and the sweet smell of nature in my nostrils. Alas, in modern times, such experiences are luxury to say the least.

Whenever I look for nature photos to use on my desktop, I always end up looking at photos of forests. There is something there ever calling me. I wish I could answer to that call. I long for morning walks in a misty forest.

The closest I can get to a forest today, is with my diffuser next to me!

I have a friend in the northern hemisphere who experimented with different diffuser blends, until she found what smelled to her like Christmas trees, but without the real tree messing in her lounge. When she gave me this recipe, I simply had to try it. And my goodness, if I close my eyes, I am transported into a deep forest somewhere, where all you hear and smell, is nature.

Start your diffuser. Come away with me….. to the forest….

Diffuser Blend: 2 drops Black Spruce, 2 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Siberian Fir

Black Spruce is a grounding oil. It helps you to deal with difficult emotional blocks. Cedarwood also aids in calming the mind and the senses. Siberian Fir is grounding and empowering. It aids the body in relaxation while stimulating the mind.

This blend is wonderful to take a imaginary trip into a deep and mysterious forest, but it is a powerful assistant when you need to stay calm, grounded and keep your emotions in tact. Give it a try.

Now excuse me, my forest is calling…