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Beard Oil

Beard care products became very trendy over the last couple of years. Now if you missed a previous blog about the toxicity of perfume, read it HERE before you carry on, as the same scenario applies to men’s fragrance products.

I have been using essential oils as perfume for a long time, so for my husband to make the transition from aftershave and men’s cologne to essential oils, was just natural. We played around with some blends, but the one that hit home for both of us in terms of smell, was quite a surprise!

Holiday Joy is only available during the festive season. This blend of Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove combined with the fresh and airy scent of Siberian and Douglas Fir, yields an essential oil blend that quickly became a dōTERRA Christmas tradition. Homes all over the world are fragranced with this fantastic blend to bring the joy of Christmas.

But man. Does this smell good on my husband’s beard! I kid you not! He gets way more kisses and cuddles with this on this face! The smell is spicy, warm, sweet and fresh.

But wait…. there’s more!

My husband never wore a beard, as he had a patchy beard with quite a few bare spots. When the Covid lockdown started and he was working from home, he took a break from shaving. And great was our surprise when we realised all the bare spots were gone! He grew a full beard. A beard that was soft, well groomed, with no bare spots. How amazing is that!

I am honest if I tell you that I have no idea which oil or combination of oils in this blend, deserves the credit here. I am just so happy about all of this. My husband no longer applies chemicals to his face, he smells divine and he has a beard many a man will be jealous of! Now he plays with his different beard styles. This weekend, he shaved the sides off. I so enjoy seeing him this happy about his beard.

If you thought essential oils are only for the women, think again.

To make yours: use olive oil as a base and add 2 drops of Holiday Joy for each ml of olive oil. Enjoy!

I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate and Certified Essential Oil Specialist.

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