About Me

I qualified as an Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist in 1996 and the love affair with alternative treatments started immediately and has never faded. Essential oils are my constant companion regardless of where I go and what I do and my hands are always ready for a massage treatment.

My approach to massage is very different from most other therapists. Unfortunately, most massage therapists working in spas and beauty salons, have been trained to follow a simple routine and that is all they do. Every time. In nearly all of these places, a full body massage takes less than one hour. I tried to do that, but I can’t. I refuse to do a full body massage in just one hour. To me, that is too rushed and not effective. If in doubt, book one appointment with me. After that, you will be forever ruined for the ordinary. My chosen massage medium, regardless of massage technique, is still and always will be, aromatic oils.

I often tell people I believe in essential oils like I believe in my Bible, and I am quite serious when I say that. God created the plants with the medicinal properties even before He created man. Hidden in that little sentence is a major revelation few people have grasped. When God created Adam and Eve, His plan for them was to remain in the garden of Eden. There was no sickness there, as there was no sin. Sin and sickness only came after the fall of man. And when it happened, the medicinal plants were ready and waiting. God knew that Adam and Eve will eventually disappoint him before He even created them. And yet He created them anyway. How amazing is that? He so much wanted to have a relationship with humankind that He created our medicine before He created us. Are you feeling special yet? If not, you should…. God wants to have a relationship with you. He created you even though He knew you are going to let Him down countless times. Luckily for us, He never lets us down, and neither do the essential oils He created.